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人教新版九年级英语Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious.课文重难点精讲精析Section A(2)  

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人教新版九年级英语Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious.课文重难点精讲精析Section A

11.After Hou Yi shot down the nine suns 在后羿射下九个太阳之后。

【解析】shot down射下

12. Hou Yi planned to drink it with Change. 后羿打算和嫦娥一起服用

【解析】planplanning(现在分词)planned v 计划(过去式)

【注意】plan 的现在分词和过去式、过去分词都有双写n ing/ed

make a plan for ……制定计划

plan to do sth = plan on doing sth =make plans to do sth.计划做某事

We usually makes plans__________(see) friends.

I think you should _____________for you study at the beginning of the new term.(制定计划)

Mary usually plans____________(do) everything ahead.

( ) We have been planning ____ a bridge.

A. build B. to build C. building D. to building

【湖北·咸宁】31. — I hear you have to run for half an hour every day.

— Right. It is one of the _____ in my school.

A. choices B. plans C. hobbies D. rules

13.Chang’e refused to give it to him and drank it all


【解析】refuse =say no to v拒绝

2014湖北黄冈】26. The boy said no, so the monster breathed on the road and made it disappear.

A. replied B. refused C. relaxed D. regarded

refuse to do sth拒绝去做某事

The boy refused __________(go) to see his father with us.

【拓展】 接不定式作宾语的动词:

三个希望两答应(hope, wish, want, agree, promise

两个要求莫拒绝(demand, ask, refuse

设法学会做决定(manage, learn, decide

不要假装在选择(pretend, choose

You should refuse his __________(invite) .He is really friendly.

( ) Tom , remember smoking is bad for you. If your friend offers you a cigarette ,

You should say no to them.

A.criticize B.not answer C.refuse D.doubt

2013浙江宁波】74. He invited her to his birthday party but she _______(拒绝).

2013天津】30. He promised ______his old friend during his stay in Tianjin.

A. see B. seeing C. saw D. to see

14. Hou Yi was so sad that he called out her name to the moon every night


【解析1so ... that



The wind was so strong that we could hardly move forward.

句型2 so +形容词 + a/an + 单数名词 + that从句

It was so hot a day that they all went swimming.

句型3. so + many/ few + 复数名词 + that从句

He has so few friends that he often feels lonely.

句型4 so +much/ little + 不可数名词 + that 从句

I had so little money that I couldn’t buy a pen.

2014辽宁丹东】36. What do you think of the movie The X-man?

It is ______ exciting ______ I’d like to see it again.

A. too, to B. such, that C. as, as D. so, that

【解析2 call out呼喊

15.He quickly laid out her favorite fruits and desserts in the garden

【解析】 lay out [lei aut]摆开;布置

16.How he wished that Chang’e could come back! 他是多么希望嫦娥能回来啊!

【解析】come back

get back = come back

(1) 回来 We got back to China yesterday.

(2) 取回,要回 My key is in your office.Can you get it back for me?



come back 回来

come on 加油,快点

come in 进来

come back 回来

come over 顺便来访

come true 实现

come up with 想出

come down下来

come from=be from来自,出生于

come in/into进入,进来

come along走吧,过来,快点

come and go来来去去

come out出来,()开,(照片)冲洗出来





give back归还

come back回来

at the back of的后面

on the way (back)home在回家路上


( ) The famous writer introduced us his new book that will ____ next month.

A. give out B. come out C. put out

2013浙江宁波】24. Scientists are trying their best to _______ ways to treat the terrible disease called H7N9.

A. come up with B. look forward to C. talk about D. give up

2013浙江丽水】25. The great writer has written many stories for children. It is said that a new one will ______ at the end of this month.

A. go out B. come out C. look out D. run out

2014天津中考】29. The book won’t____ until the end of the year.

A. come out B. come over C. come true D. come on

17.Actually, we dont have to spend a lot of money事实上,我们不必花很多钱。

【解析】 spend

【解析1spend/pay/cost/take 花费

spendspentspent v 花费,主语是人

sb.+ spend +时间/+on sth

2014黑龙江龙东】13.Does your son ________an hour________ his homework after school?

No, shorter than that now, about half an hour.

A. spend; do B. spend; doing C. spends; to do

sb. +spend +时间/+in doing sth

2014贵州毕节】 Most students spend too much time_______ computer games.

A. playing B. play C. plays D. played

2014谷城县】34. --- Do you often get on line?

--- Yes. I _____ most of my time _____ on it. It’s a good way to search for


A. cost; surfing B. spend; surfing C. pay; playing D. take; playing

2013四川雅安】4. I spent $5 this book.

A. in B. to buy C. buying D. buy

spend on= pay for 支付

He spends too much time on the computer games.

2012湖南永州】My father _____ one hundred thousand yuan on his new car.

A. spent B. cost C. paid

(2) pay paid paid v 支付,主语是人

sb.+ pay + +for sth I pay 10 yuan for the book.

( ) How much did you ____ for this computer?

Five hundred dollars.

A. cost B. take C. spend D. pay

(3) cost cost cost v 花费,主语是某物或某事

sth cost sb. + 某物花费某人多少钱

2012广西贵港】 I bought a new sweater last weekend. It ____ me 120 yuan.

A. paid B. take C. cost D. Spend

2013山东济宁】22. — Do you know the price of the ticket?

—Yes. Each______?180.

A. pays B. costs C. takes D. spends

2014十堰中考】31. Smart phones are more and more popular now.

So they are. But they still ________ too much.

A. pay B. cost C. take D. spend

(4)taketook taken v 花费

It takes /took sb. some time to do sth. 做某事花费某人多长时间

It takes him 3 hours to do his homework.

2014山东临沂】23. It ________ about eight minutes for sunlight (阳光) to travel from the

sun to the earth.

A. takes B. spends C. costs D. pays

2013黑龙江绥化】10. It will ________ them several years to learn English well.

A. cost B. take C. spend

2012曲靖中考】--Are you always online?

--Yes. It ____ me a lot of time to read the web pages I likes.

It’s the best way to kill time.

A. takes B. spends C. uses D. pays

2013鞍山】 3. It only____ him 20 minutes __________to his office every day.

A. takes, to drive B. took, drive

C. takes, drive D. took, to drive

2013湖北荆州】22. It usually Mum about half an hour to cook supper.

A. pays B. takes C. spends D. costs

2013湖北黄石】 38. It ______ me about 10 days ______ painting the walls.

A. took; to finish B. cost; finishing

C. took; finishing D. spent; to finish

2013四川遂宁】24. Paul’s parents were worried that he too much time chatting on line.

A. spent B. paid C. took

2013山东青岛】9. — How much is the ticket to Central Park?

—A one-way ticket ____ $40, and you can _____ another $20 for a round-trip.

A. costs, pay B. cost, spend C. pay, spend D. spends, pay

18. It is also a good idea to help parents to do something instead.


【解析】help v 助 → helpful adj. 有帮助的

2014江苏无锡】5. A little wine will not be ____ to your health. Just don’t drink too much.

A. helpful B. helpless C. harmful D. harmless

(1)help sb. do sth. =help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事

2014山东德州】21.I can’t find my English book. Could you help ____ find it?

A.her B.him C.me D.them

(2)with the help of sb.=with one’s help在某人的帮助之下

(3)without the help of 没有在的帮助之下

( ) ______ your help, we couldn’t catch the thief.

A. With B. Under C. For D. Without

(4)can’t help doing sth 情不自禁的做某事

(5) help oneself to 请随便吃

2014甘肃白银】22. James, help__________(you) to some salad , it’s just behind you.

2014重庆中考B卷】22. Help ________ to some fish, Jeff.

A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself

+ 谓语)!

2014云南中考】33. ____ sweet song it is!

Yeah. It’s My Heart Will Go On sung by Celine Dion.

A.How B.How a C.What a D.What

2014黑龙江龙东】 24.What can you see in the garden?

Flowers. ________ beautiful they are!

A. What B. How C. How a

2014南京中考】6. -- ____ brave Zhang Hua is!

--Yes. He helped his neighbour, Mrs. Sun out of the fire.

A. What a B. How C. .How a D.What

2014山东滨州】27._________ interesting the film is!

Yes, I have seen it twice.

A.What B.How C. What an D. How an

. beautiful hat she is wearing!

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

②. kind the old man!

A. What B. What a C. How a D. How

. unusual day !

A. What a B. What C. What an D. How

四、what how引导的感叹句之间的转换:

1.What a beautiful girl she is != ______ beautiful the girl is !

2.How delicious the food is != ______ delicious food it is !


1.______ great fun it is !

2.______ important information !

3.______ good news !



2013黔西南】 1. _____________beautiful skirt !

Thank you .

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

2013云南】2. ________ exciting sport it is to go bike riding!

2013黄石】3. ______ fun it is to have ice cream in hot summer!

A. What a B. How C. What D. How a

2013东营】4. Look at the smog (雾霾). _____ bad weather it is!

A. How B. How a C. What D. What a

2013河北】5. ______ great picture! Who painted it?

A. How B. What C. How a D. What a

2014福州】32______ foggy day!

Something must be done to solve the haze problem.

A.How B.What C.What a

2014山东烟台】1. ________honest man he is!

A. What B. What an C. How D. How an

2014东营中考】32. -- _______fantastic documentary it is!

-- Do you mean the hot film “Diaoyu Island----The Truth”?

2012 山东滨州】______ the afternoon of June 2nd, many foreigners arrived ______


A. In; at B. On; to C. In; in D. On; in

2013雅安】43. They arrived _____ Shanghai______ a cold morning.

A. in: in B. in: on C. at: on D. at: in

2013黔东南】20. —When did you meet Jack for the first time?

—I met him ______ airport ________ National Day.

A. at; in B.at; on C.on; in D.on; on

2014重庆中考3Mr. Green’s office is _______ the 26th floor. You can take the lift there.

A.at B.in C.on D.for

2014山东菏泽】6.It is believed that ____ December 21th,1891. The first

basketball games in history was played.

A.on B.in C.at D.by

2014山东东营】17. On May 10th, a horse was found running happily ______

the busy street in Beijing.

A.at B. of C. in D. From

2013牡丹江】I don’t know if he _____ tomorrow. If he _____, we’ll climb the mountain.

A. comes, comes B. comes, will come C. will come, comes

2013雅安】If farmers ______ trees and forests, giant pandas _____ nowhere to live.

A. cut down; have B. will cut down; will have

C. will cut don; have D. cut down; will have

2014云南中考】40. Do you know ___ in America?

Sure. It’s the third Sunday of June.

A.when Father’s Day is B.how is Father’s Day

C.when is Father’s Day D.how Father’s Day is

2014山东德州】35. Could you tell me _______? Daming will pick you up at the train station.

At 16:00 this Sunday.

A.where you met him B.who you are coming with

C.why you come here D.what time you are arriving

2014杭州中考】It’s hard to believe____ the way out of the forest without the help of the local guide.

A.what they were able to find B.what were they able to find

C.how they were able to find D.how were they able to find

2014四川遂宁】32. Can you tell me _____?

Yes, it’s on Xinhua Street.

A. how can I get to the bookstore

B. where the bookstore is

C. where is the bookstore

4.I love the races. I think that they’re fun to watch.


【解析】be full of=be filled with 充满,装满

Our life is ______________chances, but there are also a lot of challenges.(充满)

The box is_______________(装满) books.

( ) On hearing the news, her heart was _____ gratitude.

A. filled of B. full with C. filled with D. fill with

2013莱芜】77. If you read a lot, your life will be full ________ pleasure.

A. by B. of C. for

Have you finished __________ the book?你读完这本书了吗?

( ) I feel like________ a cup of tea.

Ahaving Bto have Chave Dhad

( ) My sister often _____ a red blouse on a sunny day.

A. puts on B. wears C. dressed D. have on

( ) Look, that girl is wearing a colorful skirt.

A.is dressing B.is dressing up C.is putting on D.is in

【山东济宁】 Most British high school children _____ uniforms at school.

A. wear B. dress C. put on D. dress up

2013四川凉山】29. —Cindy, look at your new shoes. Aren’t they beautiful?

—Yes, they are really nice, Mum. I can’t wait to .

A. put them on B. put it on C. put on them

2014湖南长沙】21. My sister is old enough to dress______now.

A. himself B. herself C. myse lf

人教新版九年级英语Unit 2 I think that mooncakes are delicious.课文重难点精讲精析Section A - 快乐英语 - 学好英语 改变人生


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