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【英语词汇】各种表示“看”的动词 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog



                                              【英语词汇】各种表示“看”的动词 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog



                                                 【英语词汇】各种表示“看”的动词 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog

                              如果问你英语中“看”怎么说,你首先想到的一定是 see , look 或




stare   “盯着看”,指睁大眼睛盯着看,常带有好奇、吃惊、赞叹的眼神。(to look 

     for a long time with the eyes wide open, especially when supprised, admired 

     or frightened)


      1)The little girl stared at the toys in the window.


      2)She quickly left the lounge when she found some guys staring at her.


      3)It's not polite to stare at a girl in the face. 


     4)During the press confrence, each boxer tried to stare the other down.



glare  “怒视”、“瞪眼”,指瞪着眼睛看,常有生气、发恼的眼神。(to look

      directly and continuously at someone or something in an angry way)


      1)The two men stood glaring drunkenly at each other, while the crowd looked



     2)The actress glared at the reporter when he asked her an awkward personal



     3)Tony redmond was glaring after him, his face contorted, white with rage .


     4)Nim glared at Paulsen, but contained his anger, saying nothing .



gaze   “凝视”、“注视”,指若有所思地地凝视;或出于好奇、羡慕、爱恋、惊异

     长间目不转睛地看。(to look at something or someone for a long time,   

      especially in surprise or admiration, or because you are thinking about 

       something else.)


      1)She stood by the window, gazing thoughtfully into the distance.


      2)A fresh-faced little girl gazes in wonder at the bright fairground lights.


     3)He gazed at the picture for about two minutes and left without saying a word.

           他凝视着照片大约两分钟, 一句话也没说就走了。

     4)He gazed at his wife's photograph, and tears spouted from his eyes .



peer    “凝视”、“端详”,指因难以看清而眯着眼睛仔细地或吃力地看。(to look

  carefully or with difficulty)


     1)He had to peer at his book because the room was dark. 


      2)She peered at it through the sheets of rain but could not identify its shape before it 

            disappeared again .


      3)He peered through the green hedge at the two dark figures under the tree .


     4)Smith rubbed condensation off the inside of a porthole and peered out at the   boats 

           bobbing up and down in the harbor .



peep  “窥视”、“偷看”、“瞥”。指通过洞空,缝隙向里偷窥。(to secretly look

      at something for a short time, usually through a hole )


      1)We found someone peeping into the room outside the windows.


      2)You shouldn’t be curious to peep into others’ private life.


      3)I saw her peeping through the curtains into the room.


      4)She was angry for her mother ' s peeping at her diary.


peek    “窥视”、“偷看”, 泛指各种方式的窥视、偷看。使用范围比peep 广。  

    (to look, especially for a short time or while trying to avoid being  seen)


     1)Close your eyes. Don’t peek,


     2)I only peeked —I didn't see anything interesting"


     3)He was caught peeking at a girl taking a bath.


     4)The children peeked over the wall to see what was happening inside the yard.



leer     “斜瞅”、“睨视”、“瞄”。( to look suggestively or obliquely)


        1)The old lady at the desk leered at her knowingly.


       2)He was always leering at female members of staff.



glance     “匆匆一看”、“扫视”。指迅速地看一眼,扫一眼;或指粗略地一下,浏

       一下。(to give a quick and brief look)


       1)He walked quickly and glanced back now and then to see if he was being   followed.


       2)On the subway train, I always like to glance at the headlines in the newspaper.


       3)I thought I heard someone following me, and glancing round, I caught sight of  a dark 

             figure in the shadows. 


      4)Could you glance through this letter and see if it's alright?



glimpse    “瞥见”、“瞥见一眼”。在很短的时间里瞥见、扫见某人或某物,没有完

      全看清。(to see something or someone for a very short time and do not

       see very clearly or completely)


      1)I glimpsed her among the crowd just before she disappeared from sight. 


     2)We glimpsed the ruined abbey from the windows of the train.


     3)I only glimpsed him in the street corner, so I cannot guess where he was going.



gape  “凝视”,指目瞪口呆地注视。(to look in great surprise at someone or 

     something, especially with an open mouth)


      1)Don` t gape: it’ s rude!


     2)On my sudden appearance, she gaped at me foolishly and said nothing for a long  time.


     3)He was not the type to wander round gaping at everything like a tourist.


     4)Everyone gaped at the smashed cars on the freeway.



gawk    “呆呆地看着” , 指呆头呆脑、别傻乎乎地盯着看 (to look at someone or

      something in a stupid or rude way)


       1)Don’t sit there gawking like that.Give me a hand.


      2)Don't gawk at that pretty girl. 


      3)But when the snow stopped, residents ventured outside on foot to gawk at the mountains 

            of snow.


      4)Participants are, of course, tethered while they walk and  gawk  at the city   below.



ogle    “媚眼看”, 指送秋波,施媚眼。 (to look at someone with obviously sexual



     1)He likes to ogle at the pretty girls.


     2)I saw you just now ogling the woman in the red dress.


     3)He ogled at all the attractive girls in the office.


     4)Don ' t ogle at other girls in front of your girlfriend. It ' ll make her  jealous.


                                               【英语词汇】各种表示“看”的动词 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog

                                                                                                                         【英语词汇】各种表示“看”的动词 - 佳中 - 佳中Blog


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